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Why Pressure Wash:
At one time or another most building owners are faced with dark discoloration on their properties exteriors. This discoloration appears gradually and so many homeowners believe this to be a natural accumulation of dirt and other air borne particles. The fact is these discolorations are actually living organism- mildew.

Mildew is caused by the spores of mold. These spores are always present in the air and when given the proper environment, mildew will grow on virtually any surface. At P.S.I. we are your exterior cleaning specialists.

British Columbia’s climate provides the proper temperature range, as well as the level of moisture mildew requires to thrive. Most building material, e.g., wood, brick, paint, caulking, etc, contain organic materials. On the surface of these materials, mildew finds the nutrients it needs to grow. While the mildew is actually consuming the organic elements contained in these materials, the result can be destructive to your homes, or building’s exterior. P.S.I. can restore so you don’t have to replace.

In addition to these destructive qualities, mildew can also pose a safety risk when it accumulates on walking surfaces, such as sidewalks and wooden decks. When wet, mildew can be extremely slippery P.S.I. not only wants to clean this accumulation we can also apply paint, protective coatings or a sealer to most surfaces.

Consequently, regularly removing mildew with P.S.I. is a necessary step to protect the integrity of your home and preventing extensive and expensive damages to your exteriors. Regular cleanings will also remove the dirt and other contaminants on which mildew depends for nutrition. As well as preventing damage to these surfaces, such cleanings will also prolong the life of your paint and improve the appearance of your home. First impressions are lasting ones.

While effectively removing mildew is not a complicated process, it does require the proper equipment, cleaning agents and knowledge which P.S.I. has acquired over the past 16 years of business. Residual mildew and mold spores must be killed for an effective cleaning job. Most cleaning agents typically will not kill mold spores on their own but P.S.I. has a proven solution.

Regular maintenance is a vital aspect of home ownership. Regular cleaning of the exterior of your home should be a part of your maintenance program. Not only will it help prevent damage tomorrow, it will also improve the appearance today.

P.S.I. Access Methods and Equipment:
With the use of aerial lifts and other types of equipment we can maximize the cleaning process and minimize the time required for cleaning. Unlike other companies that would use ladders we can apply our unique cleaning systems with the use of aerial lifts or equipment ensuring maximum cleaning potential. Using lifts gives us flexibility in doing a better and safer job with having more maneuverability into tight spaces.

• Industrial Rope Access
• Swing Stage
• Boson chair
• Five Point Harness and Lanyard
• Industry Certified Roof Anchor Systems
• Telescopic Boom Lifts
• Articulating Boom Lifts
• Industrial Certified Extension Ladders
• Water Feed Extension "Tucker" Pole
• Hi Pressure Extension Poles