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PSI offers both residential and commercial roof cleaning and demossing services

Roofs of various types in the BC area are susceptible to moss, lichen growth, tree debris, environmental pollutants and other contaminates. The longer the moss or lichen stays on the roof the deeper it grows into certain roofing materials, thus leaving a void once removed.

The moss also absorbs the rain water which in turn restricts water flow to the gutters and also adds a greater mass to your roof and structure.

Roofs with moss or other buildup will eventually plug your gutter systems which will result in overflowing and possibly damage to your gutters. Have your roof cleaned regularly to avoid these problems.

We do residential to multi buildings, Co-op’s and Strata’s.


We're celebrating our 15th Year in business by offering our new customers a 10% discount on the first job. We thought it would be a great way to introduce ourselves.